Words and Styles

Blaze is not your daddy’s pool cue style. We started this company with one word – boring! We looked around and saw the same designs on hundreds of cues and decided that we were going to create some style in pool cues.


So we did just that
Starting with the COLORZ line we took ten pearly white cues and splashed each of them with some vibrant colored inlays and matching Irish Linen wraps.

Then we went back to black with the SWIRLZ line. 18 black cues with funky designs, colors, matching Irish LInen wraps, and funky swirly rings in matching colors.

Then we went a little retro and a little metro with the INLAYZ line. Giving a nod to tradition with some classic designs and some cutting edge future stuff, these inlaid cues are spicy sweet.


We also put some power under the hood
All Blaze Cues are made with the best hard-rock Maple from Canada and the cold-azz Northern States where the wood gets dense enough for pool cues. Each one has genuine Irish Linen from jolly old England. (yo, Irish Linen is flaxen line that used to be used for fishing line but also makes a sweet wrap that absorbs sweat without feeling clammy). Ivorine3 Ferrules – the best, LePro or Triangle tips – the best.

Blaze shafts are made out of hard-rock maple. They have the pro-taper which means that they are shaped like pros like them. What it means for you is that if a pro borrows your Blaze cue he or she is gonna hit balls with it and go “sweet”.


Trust is good, but control is better
Blaze cues are made with all of the goodness that comes with treating each cue like it was going to be our personal one. We have our own people on the line checking and rechecking the cues at every stage of production. Once in a while a cue gets out that we aren’t 100% happy with. We just take away J’s Ipod for a week and that usually straightens him out. Seriously, if you get a pool cue from us that doesn’t ring your bell then send it back and let’s get one that does. We have thousands of them and we know we can find one that gets you on the table making balls disappear.


We aren’t going to mince words here. These cues are the best value ounce for ounce in the cue world. Big statement right? Well look at it like this, you can buy more expensive cues from famous names who advertise a lot, you can buy el cheapo cues on Ebay or some fly-by-night operation but you simply can’t get a better cue for the money unless it’s coming out of the same facility. Value is simply measured by what you get for the money. With Blaze cues you get a really solid piece of equipment that lasts a long time. We simply put the best practices, like seasoned wood and tight tolerance construction into each cue for a comparatively low price. We are cute with the descriptions of the cues but you will know that you have a cue built for performance with the first ball you hit. We don’t do a lot of advertising. So we don’t have to figure that overhead into our prices. You can spend the money you save on more pool playing.